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We stock and can install a variety of accessories for your caravans, trailer, motorhome and vehicle. Here is small sample. contact us to find out more.

Products and Parts Available:

  • Wheel Bearings and Seals
  • Electric and Hydraulic Brake Drums
  • Mechanical and Hydraulic Disc Brake Kits     
  • Electric Brake Kits
  • Electro Magnets and Magnets Arms                              
  • Trailer Plugs, Sockets and Adapters Trailer Locks     
  • Hydraulic Brake Hose
  • Bonded Replacement Brake Shoes
  • Led Lights
  • 12 Volt Accessory Outlets
  • Anderson Plugs
  • Dual Battery Systems and Charge Circuits                   
  • 240 volt to 12 volt Power Supplies
  • Battery Charges

Products Available

The AL-KO ESC (Electronic Stability Control) is a sway and swerve stability control system for caravans fitted with AL-KO electric brakes. More Info >

Dexter Sway Control-Caravan stability and towing safety System. More Info >

Utilising state of the art electrically generated air over hydraulic trailer brake technology, the IQ7 activation making the towing experience, more pleasurable and ultimately much safer. More Info >

Tyre pressure Monitoring System - Extend the life of your tyres, save money on your fuel bill and reduce the risk of a tyre blow out. More Info >

Polaris in-dash system will fit in any vehicle with a 2 DIN aperture. Features Rear Vision Camera, AM/FM Radio, GPS,DVD/CD player, Bluetooth Connectivity, USB/Ipod, vrtual CD stacker. More Info >

Rear vision and reversing camera systems, assisting you to the warnings of hidden dangers that hide in the blind area's behind your vehicles when you are reversing for cars and caravans. Can also be used as a rear vision travel aid to keep a eye on traffic conditions behind your van. More Info >

Breaksafe break-away system has been designed to Activate the electric brake systems & lights on all Caravans, travel trailers, trailers, horse floats & campers In the event of an accidental separation (eg break-away) More Info >

The Breaksafe Battery Monitor is fitted to the tow vehicle,allowing the driver to check the breaksafe battery from inside the vehicle More Info >

Water level indicator has been designed to give an accurate reading of the water level in the on board water tanks of carvans, travel tailers, motor homes. More Info >

No more flat batteries when the fridge is left on 12 volt. Automatically turns your caravan fridge on and off More Info >

Solar power offers a convenient power source without the fuel,noise or expensive maintenance of generators. For caravaning, camping and 4 wheel drives, we offer a range of solar modules to meet your requirements. More Info >

To enhance performance while towing, Hayman Reese Friction Sway Control and Dual Cam Sway Control products are available to complement yourweight distribution system. More Info >

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