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The Solar module (or panel) is comprised of serveral individual solar cells that 
are connected together and encapsulated in a protective envelope behind a
of protective glass. Combined with a metal frame and equipped with connectors, solar modules can be transported and connected in the field in a safe and
practical manner.
BP Solar's small area module line offers you versatility and reliability with 
 modules providing drom 5 to 80 watts pf nominal maximum power.
Photovoltaics (PV) are probably the most benign method of power generation known. They are silent, produce no emissions, and use no fuel (other than sunlight!).The production of PV of course, varies among manufactures. BP Solar makes extensive use of recycled materials and even uses waste from other industries as raw material. BP Solar's PV technology is based on silicon, the second most common element on the earth's surface. As used in solar modules, silicon is non-toxic.A BP Solar module will re-generate the energy used in its manufacturing process in one to four years, depending on the application and location.
Weather naturally affects the performance of PV, but not entirely as you might expect. The amount of sunlight, of course, is most important in determining the output a solar electricity system will produce at a given location, but temperature is also important. Contrary to most people's intuition, photovoltaics actually generate more power at lower temperatures with other factors being equal. This is because solar PV cells are electronic devices and generate electricity from light, not heat. Like most electronic devices, PV operates more efficiently
at cooler temperatures. In temperate climates, PV will generate less energy in the winter than in the summer, but this is due to the shorter days, lower sun angles and greater cloud cover, not cooler temperatures.PV is naturally inefficient in low sun and cloudy conditions. Typically, the output of any industrial solar module is reduced to 5-20% of its full sun output when it operates under cloudy conditions. Thus, PV does generate electricity in cloudy weather although its output is diminished.



1. Solar Module 
2. Caravan with Solar Modules 

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