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Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

Tyre Pressure Monitor System – Features






  15-210 PSI
  DIY Easy Installation
  200m Long Range
  Real Time Data
  Fast Leakage Alert
  Anti-theft Sensors
  Adjustable Alert Levels
  • Continuously monitors the pressure and temperature of your tow vehicle and caravan tyres.
  • Audible alarm when the pressure drops below/rises above the set range or rises above the maximum temperature set.
  • Small sensors that ‘lock’ onto the tyre.
  • Available with 6 and 8 sensors, extra sensors available to purchase, expandable up to 22 tyres.
  • Receiver included in the monitor, eliminating the need for an extra relay in most circumstances.
  • Unit pre-programmed for easy installation.
  • Extra relay available for seamless transition between trailers – eg. Change from caravan to boat trailer without having to remove any equipment.
  • User-friendly monitor for a simple switch between vehicle and trailer to just vehicle when the caravan is parked.
  • Compact monitor supplied with both plug in auxiliary charger and cables for hard wiring.
  • Audible alarm if either the sensor or monitor batteries are running low.
  • Monitor protective pouch.
  • Spare pouch for valve caps, extra sensors and sensor allen key.
    Up to 22 Tyre Sensors
    2 x Protective Pouches
    Suction Mount
    Auxiliary Charger + Hardware Cables
    Owner’s Manual
    Spare Sensor Batteries




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