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Dexter Sway Control

Dexter Sway Control System Enhances Safety

A huge gust of wind, displaced airflow from a passing semi-trailer, or a sudden swerve causes trailers and caravans to sway dangerously, possibly resulting in loss of control of both the tow vehicle and trailer.Dexter Axle provides peace of mind with Dexter Sway Control,A safety device that automatically stabilizes the sway of a trailer or caravan,Keeping you in control.

How Dexter Sway Control Works

  • Continuously monitors trailer yaw – side-to-side movement, left and right of the tow vehicle.
  • Powerful, rapid processing capability captures the critical elements that affect sway conditions, then uses the information to sense how the sway will proceed without driver intervention.
  • Uses the data collected in the event of sway to apply the brakes on the correct side of the trailer
  • In a timely manner and with the proper braking level required based on sway conditions.
  • Works independently of the tow vehicle to dampen the trailer sway, quickly bringing the trailer under control.
  • Two Year Limited Warranty


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