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The AL-KO ESC (Electronic Stability Control) is a sway and

swerve stability control system for caravans fitted with AL-KO

electric brakes. The ESC gives an assurance to drivers that, even in

the most difficult of driving scenarios, the stability of their caravan

is being monitored by the ESC, providing an unparalleled level of

safety during the journey. Manoeuvring past heavy goods vehicles,

coping with excessive side winds and dealing with road hazards can

be done with the ultimate confidence that any potentially dangerous condition will be controlled smoothly and

effectively by the ESC.

The ESC is only approved for use on trailers and caravans fitted with

 AL-KO electric brakes, axles and suspensions.

How it works

AL-KO ESC is an ingenious electronic braking system that works in a similar way to an ESC system in some cars.

The AL-KO ESC constantly senses the lateral (side to side) movement of the caravan while towing. When a critical

sway or emergency swerve is detected, the ESC partially applies the caravan brakes. Braking of the caravan only

has the effect of pulling the caravan into line behind the tow vehicle and prevents further

swaying of the caravan. This allows the driver to remain in control of the vehicle.






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