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Electric Brake Specialists

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We take pride in ourselves in the quality of our work and guarantee every job we do. "No caravan or trailer leaves our premises without our set up drive, which you come along on, so when you sit in your drives seat you know your caravan/trailer is ready for the next adventure.


Regular maintenance on your brakes and bearings is important. We recommend a 10,000 kilometre or yearly service to remove lining dust, lubricate the metal to metal friction points on the backing plate and adjust the position of the linings to ensure maximum efficiency of their operation in relation to the movement of the magnet lever arm. The wheel bearings should be washed out, inspected for wear, and if ok repacked with new grease and new hub seals. This is also an opportunity to inspect components for signs of wear.

The magnet depending upon its type will have some wear indicator in its face. A round magnet has three screw a countersunk into its wear surface and when it has wore down onto the heads of these screws the life of the magnet is near to its end. An oval magnet usually has a series of ridges or impressions in it which similarly acts as a tell sign on magnet life. The difficulty with these wear patterns is that they may not be uniform or regular across the magnet face. Yet any wear down beyond the indicator levels means that the operation of the magnets will cease as soon as the brake drum contacts the electric coil beneath the magnet surface. When you consider that you are inspecting the brakes with a view to the next 10,000 kilometres usually a conservative judgement is the best one here.

If a magnet is replaced the brake drum face will require machining. The old magnet will have wore into the drum. Machining will allow the new magnet to contact the full magnet surface of the drum and work correctly straight away.

Brake linings also deserve analysis for compound levels and integrity. Have a close look for cracks, they are not always easy to see. If only one shoe of the pair is damaged or worn we strongly recommend replacing them both. We have done workshop trails on this and are sure that the outcome is much better with a new set rather than one new and slightly wore shoe on the same wheel.

ELECTRIC BRAKE SPECIALISTS is a proud trade member of the Caravan & Camping Industries Association of South Australia.